The Company

Not just a business…its a movement

MajorMove is a company that supports the positive growth of youth throughout the community. Our MISSION is to create a MOVEMENT to enlighten, inspire, motivate and educate the youth of today so they may follow their dreams, aspirations and achieve their goals. Our FOCUS is in connecting skill and character development with education by providing the youth with the resources that allow them to surpass the goal they once started with. We BELIEVE that a successful individual starts with a strong foundation that is composed of being well rounded, self-motivated, strong, and confident.

We have built our team with educated people who not only understand their profession but also embody what we expect our youth to grow to be. Our main purpose is to provide support and resources but we also have an objective to guide the youth in finding their own way, answers, and tools to pave the way, path or system towards their own success.

How can MajorMove benefit your program?

Not just a business…its a movement

Instructors and teachers are utilized to enhance the skill and knowledge of the youth and further educate them on their abilities, analyses and comprehension. We are here to embrace and address the array of needs that many youth have but are often neglected in large group settings.

MajorMove understands that these needs need to be addressed in order for success to become relevant and attainable. Our ASE system, which is run by our great team, will provide the proper support to do so. Whether we are providing a service for touring, skill development, athleticism, social or education we look at the youth as a whole and address all areas.


Not just a business…its a movement

Prior to the youth being introduced to the programs, our first objective is to understand the youth’s goals, strengths, weaknesses and how they wish to attain their goal. Secondly, we need to understand what the youth expects or “wants” from this program so we may then attach a connection and ownership to the individual program that will be put into place. Majormove is not providing skill training for the main goal, but to be a support to the members, parents and instructor. Setting goals is how we structure our programs, and creating a simple system for you to continue your path with a guided approach to achieving your goal.

A pre-assessment will be provided so that we may provide the proper resources and put into place the proper developmental path for the youth, parents and instructor for the goal to be achieved.

Trained Professionals

Not just a business…its a movement

In order for us to provide the best services like yourself. We must find people who specialize in each area. It is very important for us as a company to not just find trained individuals but people who are passionate about making a change. We understand that each member has already indentified that they want more from what they can do, so, it is important that we take their vision and give it a path to follow. Our team is made up of different private and public business of people who share the same goal we do and commit to success. This group of people will not only help you identify the issues but be a part of your support team. This means that they are there to answer your questions or guidance instructional purposes. We stand by our instructors and take it very seriously because our goal is your success and we fail if you don’t achieve it what you were set out to achieve. Each instructor will provide a basic write up of himself or herself that includes all their qualifications. We ask all our team to include a personal side because in order for us to truly help you, you must know us as well.

Group support

Not just a business…its a movement

Some people have all the tools and individual skills to teach themselves but lack in group or team-like environments. We provide workshops and team building excises that will educate and teach the importance of coming together and contributing as an ‘individual’ towards a team. We focus on the social skills of working together and dealing with life issues. We demonstrate the importance of support systems and acknowledge that peers provide encouragement and a vast amount of experience and knowledge.

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