ActiveMoves is a program that gets you thinking about your health and your body. We believe that if you take care of yourself physically, mentally you will be able to take on anything.

Age is nothing but a number and we support everyone who is trying to keep fit and be active. We offer programs from men to get together and keep their youth by being active in sports nights and compete to keep up with the younger one.

Being active does not have to be very hard. You can build physical activities into your daily routine.

Tips for Living an Active Life

Its is important to be healthy and a little bit a day can go along way

Being active does not have to be very hard. You can build physical activities into your daily routine.

* Walk part of the way to work instead of traveling by vehicles whenever possible.
* Climb stairs instead of using elevators and escalators.
* Get up for a quick walk around whenever you can if you do desk work.
* Go for a brisk walk for about 10 minutes in your lunch break.
* Roll your shoulders and stretch your neck when sitting in front of the computer.
* Walk to and fro while on the phone.
* When watching television, avoid using the remote control and try standing up and stretching during commercial break.
* Vacuum or washing the floor more often.
* Play balls or catch with your kids.
* During holidays, join more outdoor activities like swimming, hiking, war games, or go for a picnic.

To get the most health benefits, you need to try to do a variety of activities including: endurance activities, flexibility activities, and strength activities.

Take a look of the following examples and see which activities appeal to you. Choosing things you like to do is one of the best ways to build regular physical activity into your life.

To avoid injuries during exercise, you should be prepared beforehand:

* Know the proper procedure and the potential risks of your choice of exercise.
* Do prior warm-up exercise such as muscle stretching.
* Examine the equipment and nearby area to see if they are suitable for exercise.
* Follow instructions from your coach.
* Wear appropriate protective gears such as knee pads and helmet.
* Drink adequate amount of water.
* Take a rest when you feel tired. If there is any discomfort, stop exercising at once. Seek professional advice when necessary.
* Do warm down exercise afterwards.

Sticking to a regular exercise routine can be a challenge. There are easy ways to keep you on track and motivated:

* Exercising with a friend or a family member.
* Choose those activities that interest and appeal to you.
* Do activities that are easy to fit in your schedule.
* Set small and regular goals for yourself. Reward yourself when you reach them.
* Inject fun into your program; try something different- running, cycling or ball games.
* Be flexible. Give yourself a day off if you are feeling overtired

Exercise can strengthen your musculoskeletal and immune systems. It also helps to control the body weight and is beneficial to psychological and social health. Researches show that a small amount of exercise may be enough to improve your health. Simply be active for 30 minutes a day can improve your heart-lung function and blood circulation, reduce the risk of developing coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke and diabetes mellitus later in life.

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