Orville Edwards

Owner & Director of MajorMove Community Services

Over the last nine years of working in the community development field, I have gained a great deal of insight, knowledge and experience that I have used to develop impactful and effective programs, resources and tools geared towards improving communities and developing people. These resources are important in aiding and engaging youth as they work towards achieving their goals. I have been a part of developing and implementing programs and services that have opened doors for youth all over the province from academics to athletics.

I have leveraged my passion and experience to develop an effective support system to aid students in pursuing and achieving their aspirations. In the pursuit of personal excellence, it is crucial to balance a structured program that allows for flexibility in order to ensure that each student’s needs and wants are met accordingly and that they feel in control of their own path as they work towards their goal.

The system I have developed was designed to amplify and support the passion and drive of each student. Therefore, it is important that throughout each stage the student is able to identify, reflect and connect the concept of each stage to his or her own aspirations and create new meanings. Each stage we teach will provide guidance for personal growth and teach the value of working with others. With each stage comes a connection, with each connection comes a deeper passion, and with a deeper passion comes a drive to go further.

We strive to produce successful academic, athletic and social students who will become positive role models, great brothers and sisters, ambassadors in their schools and leaders within their communities.

As you look through the site you will see that our focus is on the long-term goals of each student. We encourage each student to always push themselves to tap into their true potential. Our programs provide an environment that encourages students to be inspiring, innovative and creative at whatever task they are faced with and apply these traits to their daily routines.

We would like to take the time to thank you for the interest in our movement and look forward to the opportunity in working together in the future.

Thank you

Marley Edwards

Director of Education

Hi, my name is Marley and I have been part of MajorMove since day one. I am an aspiring teacher who is passionate about motivating youth throughout the community. I saw MajorMove as an opportunity to be more deeply involved with my community and making a difference.

My educational path involved an Honours Bachelor Degree from York University where I majored in Geography, minored in English and received a certificate in Urban Studies. Shortly after graduating from York University I attended the Schulich School of Education, where I received my Bachelor of Education with qualifications in the primary/junior division and more recently Special Education Part 1.

My passion with teaching first began with setting up my mothers basement as a classroom with stuffed animals as my students. Today, my classroom is the world and my students are each and every youth. My daily drive is to educate youth in ways that are invigorating and engaging. MajorMove provided me with the opportunity to develop a detailed education program that I have called MajorEd.

Joana Lopes

Social Worker/ YourMove Coordinator

Hi, my names Joana (mostly known as Jo) and I’ve been with the movement since it was merely an idea. Years ago a good friend approached me with the concept of helping our youth succeed through a million different paths, and that’s all there was to it.

I am an Honours Alumni Graduate from York University, with a Bachelors in Social Work. I have been working with troubled, at risk, and behavioural youth for over 10 years now. I’ve dabbled in the world of Treatment Centres, Correctional Facilities and Education System Special Needs Environments, and have learnt a tremendous amount about youth and mostly about myself. The more experience I have working with youth the more I can appreciate the need for their to be outlets for them and resources at their fingertips to empower themselves and those around them.

Having spent the last couple of years working with behavioural youth in particular, I have finally found my calling. My endless drive has been sparked up more now than ever, and I have, and will continue to dedicate my time and heart into our future; which are the youth of today. Providing our youth with an array of resources teaching them life skills amidst aspiring, inspiring and empowering themselves is one component of what each MajorMove professional strives for.

Every MajorMove partner has a strong passion for adhering to the needs and aspirations of our youth and fuelling the fire within them to better themselves and their communities as a whole. We’d like to welcome everyone to join in the MOVE towards a prosperous tomorrow. The move is YOURS, join it with us.

Thank You.


Coming together is a beginning.Keeping together is progress.Working together is success

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